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How to Set Your Target Price

Last Updated: Jun 24, 2014 01:29AM CDT

A target price is the price you would like to sell your commodity at. The application allows the producer to manually enter a target price or for the application to use data you have entered to generate a target price. 

To Automatically Generate a Target Price 

Click on Plan Targets tab, and click the green button to its right that reads, Market against this target. 

A confirmation will appear and ask, "Market against this target. Are you sure?" Select Market against this target.
All future transaction performance will now be automatically calculated using this target price.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You should not choose to market against a target if you have not created a thorough Crop Plan. If you have not accurately entered all of your expenses, outside incomes, and crop insurance, the The application's breakeven calculator may not generate a valid breakeven point for your crop plan. 

To Manually Set a Target Price

Under the Targets tab, you should see each of your crop profiles and their target price. To use a manual target instead of the application's calculated breakeven as a benchmark, click change next to each crop listing whose targets you want to manually set.  
(If you would like to know how to market your crops by field instead of crop type as shown below, click here.)

A pop-up will appear. Click manage target manually, set your desired target per bushel or per acre, and click Apply.


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