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Running Risk Management Reports

Last Updated: Jun 24, 2014 01:50AM CDT

The Risk Management Report provides a summary of your selected crop and livestock profiles. These summaries include a comprehensive revenue summary that includes your targets and goals and shows how your actual production compared to  your targets. This also includes more detailed breakdowns of your operation's performance on cash sales, futures, and options. 

To run a Risk Management Report, click on the Reports tab at the top of your application screen, and then choose Risk management from the dropdown menu.

Risk Management reports allow you to pick and choose which particular profiles you would like to include in the report. Click inside the Select crop profile space, and select which profiles you would like to include in your Risk Management report. You may select for all of a crop year, or you may choose individual profiles. This works the same for your livestock profiles. 
Click Run Report once you have selected which profiles to run on. 

When you run a report, the various report fields may be hidden. It is important to click to Show which portions of the report you wish to be visible, or you may simply click Show all. 

To save your reports to your computer or for printing, you must Export to PDF. Click this, and then indicate in the drop down if you would like the report to include transaction details and the Notes that you recorded on your profiles and transactions. 
Transaction details and notes are automatically included in reports. If you don't want these included, you must uncheck these boxes. 
Click the green Export button to save this report as a pdf. You will be prompted to choose where on your personal computer you would like to save the report. 


If you would like to email this report, click Email report. 
Enter the email addresses to which you would like to email this report. 


Click the green Send button, and your report will be sent out! 
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