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Managing Field-by-Field or Whole-Farm

Last Updated: Jan 22, 2018 04:05PM CST
If you manage your crops as a whole farm, you will be managing all of each crop type in one profile.
For example, if you raise corn and soybeans, you will create one profile for all of your corn and a second profile for all of your beans, even if you have multiple fields of both crop types. 

If you would like to manage your crops field-by-field, you will create a separate profile for each field.
For example, if you have three fields of corn and two fields of soybeans, you will create three corn profiles and two soybean profiles. 
For step by step instructions for setting up field-by-field profiles, please see below.

1. Add a profile by selecting your 2018 production year and choosing the green, Add Crop, button (Figure 1). 

Figure 1

2. Add your profile for the individual field by filling in the applicable sections. Be sure to use the description section to distinguish the particular field. When you’re finished entering the information, select the green, Save Crop Profile, button (Figure 2).

Figure 2

3. Once all your profiles are added for your individual fields for each commodity (Figure 3), you’re ready to move on to the Plan.

Figure 3

4. In the Plan—Expenses per Acre section, you will enter your expenses for each field. To save time, copy expenses from a previous year or field by using the dropdown button next to the field name (Figure 4).
Once you copy expenses from an existing plan, the expense categories for this field will auto fill and you can make changes as needed.


Figure 4

5. To copy expenses from a previous year to all profiles at the same time, go to the Plan—Plan Targets section, and select the ‘Copy data from existing plan’ button (Figure 5).  

Figure 5

6. Choose the year you’d like to copy expenses from. Use the dropdown next to each field to select which profile to copy expenses from. In this example, I will be copying the expenses I entered for my Corn profile in 2017 to all my individual 2018 corn field profiles.
Once you’ve made your selection for all fields, use the green, Copy Plan, button at the bottom of the page (Figure 7). The expense categories for each field will auto fill and you can make changes as needed.


Figure 6
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