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Planning Targets - Managing Per Head Expenses

Last Updated: Mar 20, 2015 03:58PM CDT
In the Plan section, you can track your per-head expenses for any type of livestock. As the section title suggests, each amount you enter should be a cost per animal.

The first entry is for the cost of the animal. This space is intended for non-breeding stock, livestock that has been bought and is being fattened for slaughter. 
The second entry field is for a cost of gain. If you know your cost of gain for the animals in a livestock profile, enter this amount. 

If you are not sure what your cost of gain is, use the entry fields below cost of gain- rent, yardage, feed, medicine, vet supplies, breeding costs, etc- and these will calculate your cost of gain. 

NOTE: If you use individual entries to calculate your cost of gain, this cost will not show up in the "cost of gain" area, but will be reflected in your breakeven/target price at the top of the page. These breakevens update every time you change a per-head expense. 
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