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Brokerage Import - How to Change the Crop Year

Last Updated: Dec 20, 2018 09:59AM CST
When viewing trades in the import, the 'Profile' section on the trade has been populated by the system for each trade. GrainBridge determines the profile to populate by examining the year and the commodity of the trade.

Example: The trade is a Dec 18 corn call.
Since the call is for 2018 and the commodity is corn, GrainBridge looks for a profile within the client's account that matches both criteria. The client in this example has a 2018 Corn profile, so the system defaults to selecting that profile for the trade to be imported to.

In some cases, the criteria GrainBridge uses to match the profile may not be relevant for the trade. For instance, the Dec 18 corn call may have been bought to protect the price of corn that will be purchased as feed for the cattle on the operation. In that case, GrainBridge will match the call to the 2018 - Corn profile, and the dropdown will need to be used to manually change the selection to 2018 - Live Cattle so the trade is imported to the Live Cattle profile instead of the Corn profile.

Be sure to look over the profiles GrainBridge has selected for each trade and make changes by using the dropdown in the 'Profile' section. 

Once the green, 'Complete Import' button is selected, the trade will be imported to the selected profile.

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